At Scates Construction, Inc. we tailor a package, conducive to our client’s needs, of pre-construction services required to plan and implement the construction project. Our early involvement in the preconstruction process allows us to provide timely input on cost, schedule, constructability, material and systems selection, and quality. As a participant in design meetings, we provide consistent attention to the project budget and schedule, allowing us to minimize project costs and schedule, while maximizing the quality received from your construction dollar.


Estimating plays a significant role in controlling project costs, and identifying areas where cost savings can be obtained. We provide both accuracy and thoroughness in our estimates, even with the most conceptual drawings, due to our detailed database of historical project costs.

Estimates are prepared and presented in a CSI (trade) format for ease of line-by-line comparison and analysis. Budgets are updated on a regular basis to maintain “real time” control on project costs from the outset.

Value Analysis

Throughout the development of the project, we provide the owner and architect with continuous value engineering analysis. As a member of the preconstruction team, our understanding of the Architect’s intent, and Owner’s expectations, allow us to make relevant suggestions which are consistent with project goals

We will suggest alternate methods and materials, provide cost/benefit analysis, and constructability reviews. Our evaluations seek to weigh and balance all of these factors in an effort to determine the most efficient and economical means of construction.


Development of pre-construction and design development schedules is crucial to the timely success of a project. We provide detailed, yet easily understood, schedules that clearly display the major phases of the project. The major phases typically shown are; design, major decision milestones, plan review, permit processes, bidding, financial commitment milestones, pre-ordering of long-lead items, actual construction, start-up, and move-in.

Schedules are developed using a choice of our in-house computer software packages including; Fastrack, Microsoft Project, Timeline, and Primavera. As with project budgets, schedules are updated on a regular basis to allow for “real-time” analysis of project status.

Long Lead Items

We identify all of the project’s long lead items and advises the owner and architect as to the best method of insuring that each item is purchased on a timely basis.


Scates Construction, Inc. provides the following procurement services in an effort to provide the most complete, competitive and competent team of subcontractors and suppliers available. These services include:

The solicitation and pre-qualification of prospective bidders based on their experience, current workload, and financial stability. Both the owner and architect are included in the selection process so that we can insure the maximum exposure for the project.

The generation of bidder interest in the project to develop a competitive bidding atmosphere.

The preparation of detailed bid packages that clearly explain the appropriate scope of work to the bidder.

The detailed analysis of bids and proposals, including the preparation of bid and scope review spreadsheets. A complete package of bid results is provided to the owner and architect, along with our recommendations for award.

The final development of the project’s Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) that is consistent with the project budget, and your expectations.

Quality Control

During the pre-construction phase of the project, we (Owner, Architect, and SCI) will develop a Quality Control Plan. Primary objectives in the pre-construction phase are the organization of the Quality Control Team, and development of acceptable standards and methods.