Scates Construction, Inc.

We are committed to the project and the owner throughout the duration of the actual construction phase. In our leadership role as the project’s general contractor/construction manager, we are responsible for insuring that the work is consistent with plans and specifications, and is completed in a safe and timely manner with the utmost attention to quality.

Quality Control

The Quality Control Program starts in the preconstruction phase continues on throughout the construction phase of the project. Primary objectives during the construction phase include, construction of mock-ups and work samples, pre-construction conferences with subcontractors to underline our quality expectations and requirements, quality tours, and punch list management.

Schedule Control

One of the true measures of project success is whether the project is completed on time, or preferably, ahead of schedule. Due to the close relationship between time and money, we have developed a strong schedule control program, which includes:

The preparation of detailed CPM master schedules. The computer generated, time-scaled charts clearly depict the project’s flow of work and sequencing. The schedule’s individual work activities, milestones, duration’s, and sequencing are developed using our vast experience in production schedules. The resulting schedule is aggressively achievable, realistic, and accurate.

Constant monitoring and updating of the project schedule to reflect on-going activities and progress. Both our on-site and home office management personnel monitor the project schedules in order to plan for and control upcoming critical activities. Through continual monitoring, we can proactively manage any potential problem or trend, which may develop during construction.

The preparation and review, on a weekly basis, of a rolling four-week coordination schedule. The rolling four-week schedule is designed to be a detailed analysis of the project’s current work, and short-term requirements. Rolling schedules are reviewed with subcontractors at weekly jobsite coordination meetings.

Progress Billing

On a monthly basis, Scates Construction, Inc. submits to the owner or architect the project’s progress billing. Our standard format includes a detailed breakdown of the project’s schedule of values and utilizes AIA document G702 as its format.

By utilizing our fully integrated financial and job costing software, billings are promptly and accurately prepared, and include detail as to the nature and type of monthly expenditures. Our automated subcontractor control system analyses subcontractor payment applications and lien release status.